We are a family owned business that opened in the fall of 2006.

Since opening BBQ Outfitters - Southlake, we have taken pride in offering the best performing products available in the market to make your outdoor living venue an exceptional space for years to come. Our goal is to match client design with function and performance for a true outdoor culinary experience. You can refrigerate, prep, cook, serve, and entertain with style.

The collection of completed kitchen venues in our Southlake showroom provides clients with the vision and scope to see what is possible in today’s outdoor retreats. From grilling to refrigeration, heating to illumination, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you turn simple outdoor cooking into exceptional outdoor entertaining. Let us help you imagine the possibilities.

Our company was founded from a passion for entertaining and spending time outdoors. Entertaining our family and friends outdoors has brought us a lifetime of memories and we truly want to share this with others.


A message to our customers

In 2006, Paul and Mickey Denison formed BBQ Outfitters - Southlake. Their goal was to be the source for the outdoor living needs of their community. Starting with the knowledge of the outdoor living industry, and just a few cart model grills and accessories, BBQ Outfitters - Southlake soon became the premier location in the DFW area to find high-end, high-quality appliances and accessories. This company was founded from a passion for entertaining and spending time outdoors. As we engage in the process of creating outdoor living environments, we keep in touch with our customers and continuously tailor our offerings to the needs that they desire.

Sixteen years after opening, we are changing our name, but not who we are. Texas Outfitters was born from a combination of who we grew into as BBQ Outfitters - Southlake and our love for the place we serve, the great state we live in. We feel our scope reaches well beyond the BBQ industry, as outdoor living is not just cooking but a lifestyle. Having the ability and desire to offer, where possible, products made in Texas and the USA, we have found that quality products offer a better experience over time. We have the knowledge and insight to help you transform your backyard into an outdoor retreat, a place where you will create memories with family and friends.

With the same staff, the same owners, and the same passion for what we do, we will continue offering the same great appliances and service our customers have known over the past sixteen years. We will continue striving to make your experience with us a vital part of your outdoor living, offering advice, tips, and the knowledge of our industry to help you enjoy your outdoor space for many years to come. You could have gone anywhere, but you chose us, and we thank you for your continued patronage.


Bret Denison

Texas Outfitters

Texas Outfitters is your source for amazing outdoor kitchens. Whether you are looking for the ultimate in gas grills, gas logs, smokers, spices, and everything in between, we've got a wide selection to choose from. Come by our Southlake store today and transform your backyard into a great outdoor retreat.

Texas Outfitters, making backyards more entertaining.